Russian Boar Hunting & “Red Fin” Lake Trout Fishing

Here are the latest and greatest pictures from the past..

Giant Russian Boar in Michigan's wild and scenic Upper Peninsula
The Ultimate Russian Boar Hunt. Period.
No other "pig" comes close to this legendary Beast.  Whether you are hunting  with rifle, archery, handguns, or muzzleloaders you will appreciate his shear brute size and unforgiving attitude.
There is more to life than going Hunting…
Trophy Lake Trout at Stannard Rock
Catch Giant Trophy Lake Trout.
Stannard Rock Light House is a special world within the vast waters of Lake Superior.  There is no other place like it in all of North America. It is not uncommon to catch 40 or more Lake Trout in just a few short hours.
Do Both!  Hunt & Fish all in the same day…

Orly and his massive
United States Marine Experiences Hunt of a Lifetime with his Father.
After serving our country in Iraq, Orly joined his dad Orlando here at Bear Mountain Lodge for a quality Father & Son Adventure.  As you can see from the pictures above and below, both were successful!
Father and Son experience a hunt of a lifetime.
What do Best Friends do when it's summer time?
Gather with your friends on a Summer Boar Hunting Adventure
There is Something Special waiting for You in the Northwoods
Whether you enjoy hunting or fishing, or love to do both, there is always fun and excitement waiting for you and your family.  Hunting is all about the experience.  Share the thrills and excitement with your friends and family.
Catch Lake Trout on Light Tackle
Imagine fishing for Trophy Lake Trout on light tackle.  This means no trolling.  Catching these fish in the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior is truly a sight to behold.
Hone your hunting skills.
Keep your hunting skills sharp and the grill full of backstrap by enjoying a Summer Boar Hunt.
A Laker for the Smoker.
Whether you're a novice to the art of trout fishing or a veteran with years of experience, Stannard Rock allows everyone the chance to catch a Trophy Trout.
It's all about Family and Tradition.
Family has always been important at Bear Mountain Lodge.  Special bonds are formed during family adventures.  Sharing in each others hunts, watching boys become men, and learning something new about each other is an important part of our heritage.

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