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Authentic Russian Boar Hunting Adventure in USA (Imported)

This adventure is for the Hunter who has always dreamed of Hunting a Giant Russian Boar, and does not want to spend the time or money to travel to the old Soviet Union or some other third world nation to pursue a genuine Russian Boar.

If you are even remotely considering Hunting Real Russian Boar,

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Russian Boar Bucket List


My Name is Greg Johnson, my friend call me the Moose Man and as a Geological Engineer I have recreated the lost world of the authentic Russian Boar Hunting Adventure at Bear Mountain Lodge.

When you enter the Great Northern Forest you will discover a natural environment and encounter a primitive Beast of Prey that can and will hunt you back. You Hunt him, well he just might Hunt you Back! Will You take action  o Fill Your “Bucket List” to pursue and Slay a genuine Russian Boar?

Lake Superior Country is the Key that makes Bear Mountain Special

Located in the Heart of the North American Wilderness is Michigan’s Wild and Scenic Upper Peninsula. Just a few miles from the Shore of Lake Superior is the Great Northern Forest. Here in the dark and shaded areas is a legendary Beast that is extremely challenging to pursue and very rewarding to slay.

The natural environment makes this hunt spectacular.  Bedrock ridges are the dominate features through out the upland hardwoods. There is something special about Russian Boar  above you on the Bedrock Ledges. When you are looking up at the Boars and they are staring down at you… they seem bigger than life… 

 Going Head-to-Head with a Raging Russians®

Morning at the edge of the black Forest. What  a great place to ambush Russian Boar. Many of the Bigger Boars are less cautious while returning to their Lair after a night of fighting, feeding and fooling around with the receptive sows. Much of the Boars position in the Herd is maintain by being overly aggressive. 

Enter the Dark Forest and Face the Beast 

Cruising deep into the center of Bear Mountain you enter the lowlands areas which are compose primarily of evergreens including Black Spruce, Cedar, Balsam Fir and tag alders. Many of the shots are up close and personal. It is critical to have the plenty of stopping power when encountering the beast on his own turf.

Choose Your Weapon and Choose it Wisely 

You will be Hunting Authentic Russian Boar

Your may bring your own weapon of mass destruction or choose one from the vault. The shots are typically within 50 yards and shot less than 30 yards are not uncommon. A long shot would be 80 yards and that is very unusual. It is fun and exciting to get close on dangerous game.  Common Weapons include:  

  • Deer Rifles & Magnums 338 Win, 375 H&H 460 Weatherby & 30-06
  • Brush Busters  45-70 Gov.  450 Marlin .30-30 Winchester
  • Muzzle Loaders, Inline Sabot, to Round Ball 
  • Wheel Guns, 500, 460 Smith & Wesson, 454 Casull
  • Single Shot Hand Cannons, Encore & Contenders, 375 JDJ, 45-70
  • Cross Bows with Scopes
  • Compound Bows –  Fixed Blade and Mechanical Blade
  • Slug Guns 12 & 20 Gauge
  •  and More…

You may bring a moderns sporting rifle MSR like the mighty 450 Bushmaster or consider a ball and patch with a Traditional Muzzle Loader. This is Your “Bucket List” you Select the Weapon of Choice and the Hunting Style you prefer that you prefer Mix & Match to suit your Desires

Hunting Styles is Mix & Match depending on your preferences. There is nothing more impressive then a Trophy Pole  hanging high with a days Harvest from the depths of the black forest. It is especially satisfying when you Hunt the Beast on your own terms.

Many Guest start out with Spot & Stalk and switch over to a wide array of hunting styles 

  • Traditional Spot & Stalk
  • Classic Ambush
  • Super-Slow Still Hunting
  • Extreme Jump Shooting
  • European Driven Hunts
  • Ground Blinds
  • Elevated Stands

 Mix & Match to find the best way to Hunt… that means Hunt the way that works best for you. Most hunters choose what works best based on the weather conditions, the beast behavior, the weapon and the physical abilities and desire of the Hunter. This is a Fully Guide Hunt Your Guide will Work with you so you may take the Boar of your Choosing

There is a full breeding population of Russian Boar in the Great Northern Forest

  • This includes:
  • Alpha Beast 
  • Trophy Boars
  • Contenders
  • Sows, Gilts and the Little Kindergartners

“Contender” Boars are a Blast

 These are the Best-of-the-Best when it comes to fine Dinning.

“Contender” Boar

Luxury Restaurants around the World Offer “Wild Boar” as top billing on their Menus.

Russian Boar Dinner

Now You can Create Your own Gourmet Dinning by Harvesting one of our “Contender” Boars

These Delightfully Young Pigs are the most tender succulent delicacy in the forest.

Since the dawn of time the Russian Boar has been the most sought after lean red meat on the planet.

“Contender” Boar

+ Approximate Age of 1.5 to 2 Years
+ Best Eating, average weight of 120 pounds (90 – 150)
+ Tender lean red meat that makes Wild Boar world renowned 
   for fine dining in upscale restaurants.
+ Make unique European Mount
+ For those who want to Grill what they Kill and save money

Trophy Boar

Number One Russian Boar Hunting Adventure for Over 10 years

Trophy Boar

Trophy Boars are exciting and challenging to Hunt.

They make great shoulder mounts.

Trophy  Boar 

+ Approximate Age of 3 years
+ Excellent Eating, average weight of 250 pounds  (225 – 275) 
+ Representative of the Species – genuine Russian Boar 
+ Makes an impressive Shoulder Mount
+ This Boar is a “Solid” Beast, that is fun and exciting to Hunt
+ Classic “Trophy Boar” is the #1 Seller for the past 10 years
+ For those Looking for the Best Value in a Russian Boar Hunt 

“Alpha” Beast

For the Hunter who seeks the Biggest they Pursues the “Alpha” Beast

“Alpha” Beast

+ Weights in excess of 300 to 450 lbs are not uncommon
+ This is the “Alpha” Beast – He is the Dominant Herd Boar
+ Primary Breeder within the Herd
+ Massive Beast and makes a  World Class, “Life” Size Mount 
+ Rules the Northern Forest and  He Will Hunt You Back
+ For those who has to have the “Biggest” and Money is only secondary

You focus on the Beast


Your Guide Does the Rest

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Step out of the Lodge and into the Hunt

Nothing else like it in all of North America!

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